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Nightlife in Bucharest

Bucharest Night Life

You finished the “day” activities like tours and shopping ? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of things to do as without a doubt Bucharest is among the cities that never sleep and the night life here is intense.

I will try to help you optimise your time, so I grouped the attractions based on areas they are in. I suggest you visit one area – one day for less walking and more fun.

Herastrau Area

This is the 1st area I would recommend. Herastrau is the main Bucharest park and the largest city park in Europe, and it includes a lovely lake with the same name. It is a strong destination during the day, but even stronger towards the sunset. Is situated very close to city center, a little to the north. You will mostly find above-average people in the locals surrounding the beautiful lake. In case you start your exploration before 20:00 take a walk in the park and maybe try some cruise on the lake, or even rent your rowboat. After that begin your night at Beraria H or HRC and after midnight continue with one (or more :)) of the clubs.

Beraria H ( H Beer Hall & Garden )

Lots of people, lots of beer and a great atmosphere ! The famous Beraria H is the symbol of romanian beer restaurants / pubs / gardens / you name it, and you should not miss it as a trip to Bucharest would not be complete without visiting this point of interest. Appreciated by locals and tourists alike, the place offers a complete experience ranging from friendly atmosphere with friends to great shows during the nights when the venue hosts live music concerts or other events. Maybe the biggest beer hall in Europe, the inside looks like a town, with buildings, streets, benches, street lamps and even a park, and accomodates two stages facing each other for an Oktoberfest-like experience.
Besides the waves of beer, many large groups enter the Jagermeister Tower competition: Jagermeister is served in small box-like bottles that, after consumed, are used to make big towers on the table, sometimes more that 2 meters tall. Sexy girls will award prizes for tallest towers.
The Beraria H beer garden is right near the Herastrau Lake, offering a great view and a cool place during torid summer days.
Don’t forget to visit the BH Shop on the way out ! :)

Address: Beraria H, Kiseleff 32 (Main Herastrau Park Entrance), Bucharest
Website: http://www.berariah.ro

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest HRC Bucharest Hard Rock Herastrau

Guess few tourists know that HRC Bucharest is among the biggest locations of the chain and was awarded “Top of the Rock” prize last year. You will find inside clothing or instruments belonging to Prince, Black Sabbath, Beatles or Tina Turner together with a memorable collection of posters, pictures and platinum or gold discs. Often the place hosts important concerts of local or international artists, blending the great atmosphere with good beer and the well-known HRC cocktails & food.

Address: Hard Rock Cafe, Kiseleff 32, District 1, Bucharest
Telephone: +40-21-206-6261

BoA (Beat of Angels) Club

Beat of Angels Bucharest Boa Club Beat of Angels (Boa) Night Club

As they say in their motto: “Prepare yourself for nightlife revolution!”, BoA, one of the top 5 dance clubs in Bucharest, delivers high-class, extravagant events like theme parties or fashion events. During the hot season it turns into a semi-open summer club.

Address: BoA Club, Kiseleff 32, District 1, Bucharest
Telephone: +40-736-300-700

Player Club / Lyo Summer Club

Player Club player_2 Bucharest nightclub Player

lyo_1 lyo_2 lyo_3

Another top 5 club is Player. Wednesday is full.

Address: Primo Nebiolo 5, Bucharest
Telephone: +40-720-734-734

Historical Center

The area was redone and is filled with bars and pubs.


This is a student campus.

The Rest of Bucharest

Fratelli Club

Fratelli Social Club is very appreciated. Join the party.

Bamboo Club

We continue our “top5 clubs” with Bamboo. Great parties.

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