Bucharest Guide

Prices in Bucharest


Let me give you an idea about the prices level in Bucharest:

Beer in a restaurant or bar (0.4 – 0.5 liter): Eur 2 – 3

Taxi (/km): Eur 0.35

Club entry: usually free (even for the top clubs)

Hookers (decent, 1h): Eur 45

Erotic massage (decent girl, 1h): Eur 25

Big Mac Menu: Eur 3.5

Restaurant meal price (three-course and one drink in decent restaurant): Eur 11

Hotel room (3 star, 1 night): from Eur 50

Rent (2 room appartment, semi-central, for 1 month): from Eur 300

VAT %: 24%

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