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Review: Bordello Bar

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Bordello’s is a small-medium sized pub / bar situated in the historical center of Bucharest. Quite crouded most of the time, no matter if weekend or not, is known to have very nice parties. It has 4 sections: Bordello’s Pub, Bordello’s Library Bar, Bordello’s Boudoir, Mulanruj Dining Theatre. During some of the evenings, a live band will perform well-known covers. As for prices, you will pay 2.5€ for a 330ml beer; 5.3€ for a Cuba Libre, which is above average compared to similar pubs.
If after few beers you will feel hungry, don’t worry, the selection of tapas ranging from vegetarian to mean will please you.
For living up to the name, often the waitresses will serve you in sexy costumes.

bordello_2 bordello_1 Bordello's Bucharest

Address: Bordello’s Bar, Selari 11, Bucharest
Telephone: 0040-748-881-085

One comment on “Review: Bordello Bar

  1. Well when I was there the party was OK in the beginning, but after some hours: many guys drunk and very few girls.

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