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Review: Cocosu Rosu Restaurant

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Cocosu Rosu (Red Rooster) Restaurant is one of the old traditional places in Bucharest. Althought is quite far from city center, many people all over Bucharest come here for a good meal (and sometimes great atmosphere, when some traditional music singers perform). The restaurant is quite big, with more saloons and a nice terrace / garden during summer (and yes, small red real roosters in the yard :)). I’ve been there quite few times and the food was good, and also the price is quite accessible. They also have a farm, many of the ingredients are made in house. So if you are looking for a traditional meal, Cocosu Rosu is one of the best choices.

cocosu_rosu_1 Cocosu Rosu Romanian Restaurant

Address: Restaurant Cocosu Rosu, Mărgelelor 61 – 63, sector 6, Bucharest
Telephone: 0040-747-059-315

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